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The Clans ported to FreeBSD

Friday, March 22, 2002

Yup, some guy did it.  I won't bother putting up his email address here (he'll likely get spammed and I don't have his permission).  I'll have more details soon, but if you want to try it out, log into his bbs at either of the following:



Other news items:

  • I'm going to upload the Clans Dev Kit source code soon.
  • I am also going to create a new project on sourceforge for The Clans and then check in all the files.  This way I can allow others to start making changes and adding them to the main tree and all that CVS goodness.
  • If you're wondering what I'm up to, follow this link.  I'm rewriting my boss's (crappy) forum software so now it looks like Google. :-)
  • I'm looking for a better job.  Email me if you have one or know of an opening somewhere.